Tim Adema

'I immediately connected with the people at Ballast Nedam'

In the midst of the pandemic, Tim Adema was looking for a final internship for his bachelor's degree in Finance & Control. He approached a number of companies, but connected best with Ballast Nedam. So the decision was quickly made.

After graduating in 2021, Tim stayed with Ballast Nedam. He now works as a junior controller and is currently finishing the one-year master's degree in Data Driven Business. Tim talks about what it is like to combine work and study and why he likes the construction sector so much.

It must be busy, working and studying at the same time?

"Actually, it's not too bad for me. In the first six months, I only worked one day a week. So back then it was actually more like a very nice part-time job, which my fellow students were a tad jealous of. Since February 2023, I have been working five days: four days at the office in Nieuwegein and one day on project A24 Blankenburgverbinding in Rotterdam. And in addition, I am writing my thesis."

So the end is near?

"Yes if all goes well, I will graduate by the end of this summer. I am very happy that I took this master's and that I could continue to work at Ballast Nedam in addition. It is a perfect complement because I can immediately implement everything I have learned. Naturally, data also plays a big role in that."

Can you share an example of that?

"Due to the corona pandemic and the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, prices have risen significantly. Using data, we can identify the extra costs and then pass them on. What I will do after graduation? I will be staying at Ballast Nedam and working full-time in different departments. For example, I will start in the team of a new finance project, where we will implement a new system. There are so many opportunities at Ballast Nedam and with this master's in my pocket I can go in even more directions."

Will you stay with Ballast Nedam?

"Yes, definitely. I really like it here. The ambience is great, I have nice colleagues and there is plenty of opportunity to develop myself. I am now taking a look around at various Ballast Nedam departments to get an idea of possible positions. A job as project controller seems appealing to me, but I need to gain some more experience first."

How did you actually end up in the construction industry?

"When I had to choose my profile in third grade of havo, I hesitated between economics and technology. In construction, those two things come together. I like seeing how a building is constructed. Or what technical achievements Ballast Nedam makes, for example in the A24 Blankenburg connection project. At the same time, I really enjoy working with statistics, as I am doing in my job right now."

Are you also interested in working at Ballast Nedam?

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