Great projects thanks to our tender specialists

If we don't participate in tenders, no new projects will come in. It's as simple as that. But how does a tender actually work? Who does what? And why is a good tender strategy important?
Ruben Favie is manager of Ballast Nedam Infra Projects' Strategic Tender Centre. This team is responsible for all tenders on infrastructure projects. For example, bridges, tunnels and highways. Ruben explains what is involved in a tender.

Since when have you been working at Ballast Nedam?
"I started on 1 September 2021. So, not that long yet. Before that, I worked as a tender and project manager at BAM for ten years. I can now make good use of that knowledge and experience to help other tender specialists. Why I chose Ballast Nedam? Mainly because of the entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on mentality. And because I had the opportunity to develop a broad tender strategy here."

A tender strategy, what is that?

"In a nutshell, it's about: what are we good at? And which tenders do we participate in and why? It is important to make good strategic choices and not just bid for everything at random. That way, you increase your chances of success. It is also useful to have a general plan of approach for all tenders. That way we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel."

How many people work at the Strategic Tender Centre?

"There are five of us now. In 2021, we hired three new people. Earlier, Ballast Nedam mainly used hired workers for tenders. But the disadvantage of that is that they take their knowledge back with them when they finish. I think that's a waste. That's why we are now building a permanent team of tender specialists."

What are you most proud of so far?

"When I started at Ballast Nedam, the tender for the tunnel renovation on the A73 had just started. We absolutely wanted to win this one for strategic reasons, because many more tunnels need to be renovated in the coming years. In the end, we won the tender and our plans received very good reviews. That really gave a kick. At the end of 2022, we also won the widening of A27 Everdingen-Hooipolder, together with Fluor. I'm definitely proud of that too".

So you do fit in at Ballast Nedam?

"Yes, definitely! I really like my role and my colleagues. What I also like: it's not a hierarchical company at all. I'm just as likely to sit down with a work planner as with the board of directors. Curious whether working at Ballast Nedam would suit you? Come and have a chat. Even if you don't have a construction background. That's only good for diversity."

Are you also interested in working at Ballast Nedam?

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