Carla Veldhuisen

'My tip for executive assisants: go with the flow'

This is Carla Veldhuisen, Team Leader Executive Assistants. She has worked at Ballast Nedam since 2005: first as Secretary in the legal department and since 2008 as Executive Assistant. In 2020, the role of Team Lead was added.

Carla's range of tasks is very diverse: from the new interior of the skybox in the Amsterdam ArenA to supporting our CFO. She can work under great pressure like the best of them and doesn't let herself go crazy easily. What is her secret? And what makes her work so much fun? We had a chat with Carla.

How did you end up at Ballast Nedam?

"In 2005, I was working at a law firm, but a reorganisation made me redundant. Sometime during that time, I spoke privately to someone who worked in Ballast Nedam's HR department. I asked if she didn't happen to have a job for me. And through her, I then ended up as a secretary in Ballast Nedam's legal department."

And, were you immediately comfortable there?

"Well I found the legal department a bit too stuffy anyway. So I switched fairly quickly. First to other business units and finally to the position of Executive Secretary, or Executive Assistant. In that role, I immediately felt completely at home. And still do, as I've been doing this work for almost 15 years now."

What makes your work so much fun?

"That no day is the same. One time I'm picking out a new floor for our skybox in the ArenA and the next I have to arrange something important for our CFO last-minute. It is certainly not a 9-to-5 job and things often go slightly differently than you planned. So you have to be able to cope with that. Go with the flow, is therefore my motto."

How do you like being a Team Lead?

"Very well. I am cooperative team leader because I am also Executive Assistant to the CFO. There are seven executive assistants in total. If there is a vacancy in our team, I make an initial selection together with Recruitment. I am glad that, as team leader, I get to help decide who comes to work with us, because I think it is very important that someone fits well with the team."

You have been working with us for seventeen years. Will you add another seventeen years?

"I'd like to, only I'll be retired by then! But in any case, I have no plans to leave Ballast Nedam. I really like the no-nonsense culture here. And the advantage of working for a large company is that you can go in many directions and grow easily."

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