Berry Ramaekers coordinates our most complex infrastructural projects

Head of Project Engineering

A "BN-er" at heart

Berry has been a proud member of the Ballast Nedam family since 2008. When we asked who was willing to talk about working at Ballast Nedam, he was the first to raise his hand.


Berry is a go-getter. His dyslexia presented quite a challenge in his younger years, but that did not stop him from continuing his studies. He was captivated by numbers and technology and concluded his Master’s degree in Concrete Structural Engineering quite some time ago.

Berry started his career at Rijkswaterstaat. He was interested in BIM and 3D at a very early stage, with which he inspired many of his colleagues. After Rijkswaterstaat, Berry started working for an engineering firm, after which he took all his experience to the contractor’s side of the industry. Berry has been working at Ballast Nedam for 11 years now.

Ballast Nedam is stronger than ever
Berry Ramaekers Head of Project Engineering Ballast Nedam Infra Projects
Berry has experienced a lot in his time at Ballast Nedam—amazing projects, as well as the reorganisation and takeover by Rönesans Holding. His commitment to our organisation is evident from the role he played in the Works Council. Berry is a people person; in the Works Council, he always focused on attention to people, the assessment system and training, and was always asking after the people in the organisation. Berry considers people to be the most important asset, and he is not afraid to be critical on the subject. He believes it is important to create a home base for the employees. His motto: look after your people and help them develop further. Take note of any frustration so you can turn it around.

The people he works with make his work fun; Ballast Nedam Infra Projects has a great management team that motivates you to work harder. They are transparent, open, interested, curious and approachable, says Berry. There is a lot of focus on soft skills within Infra Projects. There is an enormous learning capacity, and they are enthusiastic, out-of-the-box thinkers. For Berry, it is all about appreciation and commitment!

There is a lot of focus on soft skills within Infra. There is an enormous learning capacity, and we are enthusiastic, out-of-the-box thinkers.
Berry Ramaekers Head of Project Engineering Ballast Nedam Infra Projects


Berry is justifiably proud of the organisation, and he wears the name Ballast Nedam with pride!

The projects Berry works on definitely get his Ballast Nedam blood pumping—exciting, challenging projects. The challenges lie in the size of the projects, the complexity of the organisation and the technology. Together with his team of planners, he pushes the boundaries of technical possibilities and devises phases that are feasible within the available time. 

At Ballast Nedam, we look for opportunities and possibilities and do not let impossibilities hold us back. We offer responsibility and opportunity and allow you to drive your career forward!

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